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Mallorca is the ideal place to spend a dream vacation. In this little jewel of the Mediterranean you will find everything you need to make your visit unique and unforgettable. One of the charms of Mallorca that most attracts the attention of tourists are the wonderful beaches found here. It does not matter if you like stone or sand, hidden coves or central beaches, in Mallorca you will find the perfect option for you.


The different municipalities of Mallorca also attract the curiosity of a multitude of tourists each year, and in Mallorca you will find some of the most charming towns you can imagine. It is very difficult to select a single Mallorcan municipality when we talk about beauty and hospitality, but if we had to choose, it would be Pollensa. Pollensa is located in the extreme north of Mallorca, and visiting it is a must during your holidays in Mallorca. There are so many entertainment options that you will find in Pollensa that a single day will not be enough to get to know this fantastic place in depth.

What to do in Pollensa

Apart from a wide variety of beaches, in Pollensa you can also do endless activities to connect with nature. A great idea to fill an afternoon during your holidays is to take one of the most popular excursions in Pollensa, as they offer you a different way of getting to know this fantastic town. Another of the great charms that Pollensa has is Cabo de Formentor, which is the perfect place to practice cycling. The Cabo de Formentor is the most eastern point of Mallorca and the perfect viewpoint to enjoy spectacular views. We say that it is ideal for cycling lovers, because in summer this fantastic place can only be accessed by bus or pedaling. However, we must warn you that the route to this viewpoint is only suitable for the most expert cyclists.

An excellent way to get to know Pollensa is by staying in the town itself, this way you will get to know in depth what authentic life is like in Mallorca. When looking for accommodation in Pollensa a huge range of options open up before you, but there is no doubt that choosing one of the villas in Pollensa is the best option. You will find so many villas in Pollensa in which to spend an unforgettable holiday, that the most difficult thing will be to choose one.

Villas for rent in Pollensa

You will mainly find two types of villas in Pollensa. On the one hand you can stay in the impressive villas in Pollensa that are located on the outskirts of town. These spectacular villas in Pollensa are very spacious and have a garden and pool. Another of the charms of renting villas in Pollensa is that you can enjoy unbeatable views of the spectacular Serra de Tramuntana. This type of accommodation is ideal for large groups or families.

Another type of villas in Pollensa are those that are located in the town or in the port of Pollensa. If you opt for this option, when you find out about renting villas in Pollensa, you will find accommodations that are somewhat smaller than those found on the outskirts. However, they have a privileged location that will allow you to know first-hand all the secrets of this fantastic town. Also, many of these villas in Pollensa are next to the sea, so you will have luxury accommodation with unparalleled views.

Villas in Mallorca

Although you cannot miss the fantastic town of Pollensa, in Mallorca there are many more places that we highly recommend you visit. As we mentioned, you will find countless different beaches in Mallorca. In the northern part of the island the rocky beaches stand out, while in the northeast the sandy beaches are more frequent. Now that you know this, it is you who decides in which part of Mallorca you prefer to stay. Finding the perfect accommodation near one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca will not be difficult, since there are countless villas in Mallorca where you will be very close to some of the most beautiful places on the island

Staying in one of the villas in Mallorca you will have a series of advantages that will make your trip unforgettable. One of the main factors for choosing one of the villas in Mallorca to stay is that they offer a lot of tranquillity. If you stay in one of our villas in Mallorca, you will not have to worry about schedules or have to share the pool or dining room with other guests. Another of the great attractions of the villas in Mallorca is that they offer you unique independence, so that you are the one who decides what to do and when to do it.

Villas in Mallorca are a great option for travelling as a family, as they have the perfect space for all members to feel comfortable. In addition, many of the villas in Mallorca have large gardens and swimming pools, so that the little ones can have a great time during their stay on the island. Some of the most beautiful villas in Mallorca are located on the outskirts of the towns, which makes them a perfect haven of peace to disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For all these reasons we cannot fail to recommend that you visit Mallorca in a different way, staying in one of the incredible villas in Mallorca.

Nord Villas Pollensa

There are so many villas in which you can stay in Mallorca that sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect place for you and yours. We know how tedious it can be to search through hundreds of web portals in search of the ideal villa at the best price. That is why at Nord Villas Pollensa, we want to help you simplify your search for accommodation so that you only worry about enjoying the wonderful island of Mallorca. At Nord Villas Pollensa we have a wide selection of the best villas in Mallorca and holiday rental apartments. So, on our website, you will find everything you need.

Whether you want a spacious villa on the outskirts of one of the most charming towns in Mallorca, or if you prefer a modern apartment in the centre, at Nord Villas Pollensa we have it. You will not only find different types of accommodation and in different locations in Mallorca, but you will also find accommodation of all prices. In addition, if you book your holiday in advance, you can take advantage of great offers that will help you enjoy the best accommodation at the best price.

Despite finding a good accommodation in vital to make the most of your holiday in Mallorca, there are many more services that will help you live a unique holiday. At Nord Villas Pollensa we not only focus on the rental of villas in Mallorca, but we also offer complementary services that will make your visit unforgettable. Services such as transfer to and from the airport or car and boat rental are just some of the options to make your stay more comfortable. We also care that you are entertained and therefore offer you activities such as diving, excursions, massages and bicycle rental. As you can see, with Nord Villas Pollensa, the perfect holiday is just a few clicks away. Contact us!


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