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These conditions will prevail at all times during the relationship between the client and NORD VILLAS POLLENSA CB (hereinafter NORDVILLAS) derived from the reservation made by the client in a lodging managed by Nordvillas. Also, these particular conditions will go in conjunction with the specific information detailed on our website for each accommodation. Therefore, the client who reserves any of our accommodations will agree and accept at all times these particular conditions.


NORDVILLAS will act at all times as an agent on behalf of the owners of the accommodations, or their representatives.


The particular conditions that are described are the following:


I.- Duration of reservations.


The duration of the reservations will be determined in the confirmation of the reservation, the client and all its occupants having to enter the accommodation and leave the same on the days established in said confirmation, as well as respect the entry schedules and departure for the booked accommodation.


II.- Payment of the reservations.


At the time of making a reservation, and in a period not exceeding forty-eight hours (48h), the customer must pay by way of deposit the equivalent to fifteen percent (15%) of the total amount of the reservation. In the event that the deposit is not paid within the established period, NORDVILLAS reserves the right not to attend to said reservation, and consequently to treat it as not having been  made. On the other hand, having received the payment of the deposit amount, and with the previous approval of the owner, the confirmation of the reservation will be sent to the client.


The rest of the amount of the reservation must be paid by the client at least 30 days before the arrival date of the booked accommodation. If the payment is not made within this period, NORDVILLAS may cancel the reservation, which will result in the loss of the deposit as a penalty.


In the event that the reservation is made less than 30 days before the date of arrival at the accommodation, the client must pay in full the total amount (100%) of the reservation at the time of the reservation, subject to identical terms and conditions that the payment of the deposit.


In all cases, and in order to streamline procedures, the customer must send NORDVILLAS a copy of the payment documents by email as quickly as possible, running in addition to your account all expenses and bank fees that these transactions can cause.


Upon receipt of proof of the last payment, NORDVILLAS, in accordance with the previous sections, will send the customer via email detailed information on how to get to the accommodation booked from the airport, the instructions for collecting the keys, as well as other information that NORDVILLAS considers useful.


III.- Cancellation of reservations.


Cancellations of bookings communicated by the client more than 30 days before the date of arrival at the accommodation will not be penalised.


Otherwise, cancellations of reservations communicated by the client 30 days or less before the date of arrival at the accommodation, or even during the client's stay, for reasons not attributable to either the owner or NORDVILLAS, will be penalised with the total amount of the reservation.


It should be noted that the communication of the cancellation of a reservation must be made by email.


On the other hand, in the case that NORDVILLAS has to cancel a reservation by direct imposition of the owner and/or by causes beyond its control, NORDVILLAS will pay the client the total amount of the reservation paid up to date.


IV.- Changes in dates and number of people.


The client may make changes in the reservations in relation to the dates and the number of occupants, NORDVILLAS being notified of this change in writing by email, and this modification must be subject to the following conditions:


1.- Increase in dates. It will be possible to increase the days of the stay, provided that it is in the same reserved accommodation and that said accommodation is available for the requested dates, with prior agreement of the owner. Once the above is confirmed, the client must pay the amount corresponding to the additional nights that he wishes to reserve, this payment being a prerequisite to confirm the modification to the dates of the reservation.


2.- Reduction of dates. It must be notified in writing by email and at least 30 days before the date of arrival at the accommodation. Said modification will not entitle the client to receive the difference between the amount of the initially reserved dates and the new dates.


3.- Increase in the number of people. It can be done as long as the accommodation has sufficient capacity, subject to the owner's agreement and payment of the required amount, if the latter is necessary.


The first change made in the reservation will not have a management fee for the client. However, for the second change and the following ones, a fee of 20 Euros will apply for each change made.


V.- Maximum occupancy and housing uses.


The maximum occupancy of the accommodation is that indicated in the confirmation of the reservation, which must be respected by the client at all times. In case the client and the other occupants exceed the maximum allowed capacity of the accommodation, NORDVILLAS will proceed to cancel the reservation with the consequent immediate expulsion of the client and its occupants of the accommodation, without this entitling the client to obtain the refund of the amount, whether full or partial, of the reservation.


The accommodation of the reservation is to be sole and exclusive occupation for residential use by the client during the fixed time in the reservation. In no case, will it be allowed to allocate the accommodation to different uses without the prior knowledge and consent of the owner or NORDVILLAS, such as banquets, celebrations, parties, seminars, etc. Any use in the accommodation other than residential by the client and other occupants, without the consent of the owner or NORDVILLAS, will lead to the cancellation of the reservation with the consequent immediate expulsion of the client and its occupants of the accommodation in the same terms provided in the previous case.


Also, the client and other occupants of the accommodation must respect the rest of the neighbors who exist in the same building or complex, as well as in the vicinity of the accommodation. This respect is basically focused on not carrying out annoying and / or noisy activities, especially at unseemly hours, ie, at regular hours of rest. Failure to respect this point may also lead to expulsion from the accommodation in the terms set out above.


VI.- Cleaning and linens.


The accommodation will be delivered clean and provided with bed linen and bath towels.


As a general rule, every 4 days of stay in the accommodation there will be a change of bath towels and every 7 days a change of bed linen. However, the above may vary depending on the accommodation and / or the days of stay in it, being able to even delete or modify any change. Therefore, the client must attend at all times to the specific services provided in the reserved accommodation and to the information provided by the staff of NORVILLAS. The client will not be entitled to claim for the modification or deletion of any change of bed linen and / or bath towels, with the client only entitled to obtain clean bed linen and bath towels upon entering the accommodation.


VII.- Possession of personnel keys.


The personnel in charge of cleaning, maintenance of the pool and / or garden, as well as maintenance in general, reserve the right to have access key to the accommodation and access inside, even without the presence of the client or other occupants.


VIII.- Time of entry and exit in the accommodation.


In order to organize the arrival at the accommodation, it is essential that the client inform NORDVILLAS, at least 7 days before the date of arrival, of the expected arrival time at the airport or seaport.


As a general rule, the time of entry into the accommodation will take place at 4:00 p.m. However, some accommodations may have different entry times, so the client must attend to the specific information of the reserved accommodation provided by NORVILLAS.


In relation to the departure time of the accommodation, the client and other occupants must leave the accommodation before 10.00 a.m.


IX.- Damage, breakage, damage or excessive dirt.


The customer will be responsible for any damage, breakage, damage or excessive dirt that occurs on the property during your stay, provided it is due to causes attributable to it or to other occupants.


The accommodation, as well as its facilities and equipment, are delivered in perfect state of conservation and use. Therefore, if the client detects any defect, damage, anomaly or breakage, either in the accommodation or in its facilities or equipment, the client must inform us as soon as possible, and at the latest within the first 2 hours of arrival, so that we can assess it. Otherwise, any damage that occurs after the first 2 hours will be automatically imputed to the client and deducted from the breakage deposit, and if this is not sufficient, the part exceeding this amount will be claimed from the client.



Therefore, once one of the situations described in the previous paragraph has occurred, the owner, or on his behalf NORDVILLAS, will demand from the client an indemnity that covers the expenses caused by the possible damages, breakages, damages or excessive dirtiness.


X.- Deposit.


The owner, or on his behalf NORDVILLAS, reserves the right to request a deposit covering any damage, breakage, damage or excessive dirt in the accommodation that may occur during the stay of the client and other occupants. If requested and effective, it will be returned between 24 and 48 hours after the departure of the client and other occupants of the accommodation, and after having inspected the reserved accommodation and verified the absence of any damage, breakage, damage or excessive dirt.


XI.- Pets.


The possession of pets in the accommodation is completely and strictly prohibited. Your possession may be grounds for expulsion of the client and other occupants of the accommodation.


XII.- Operation of air conditioners and heating.


The client must take into account that it is possible that in some accommodations the air conditioning and heating can be programmed to work only within a certain time slot. In addition, there may be an additional cost for heating.

Said circumstance will not be at all a reason for claim by the customer to Nordvillas of compensation whatsoever, and therefore the client and the other occupants of the accommodation must respect the established schedule.


XIII.- Garbage.


The customer will have the obligation to deposit the garbage every day in the suitable containers normally located on the roads or main streets. Keep in mind that many of the lodgings are in rural areas and the stored garbage can attract cats, insects, etc., so it is very important to deposit the garbage daily in the aforementioned containers for this purpose, in order to avoid the proliferation of pests, bad smells and dirt. Also, at the exit there should be no rubbish left at the accommodation. In case of non-compliance with the above, NORDVILLAS may claim a penalty of 50 Euros from the client.


XIV.- Consumption of supplies.


The client and its occupants must make a rational and proportionate consumption of water and electricity during their stay in the accommodation.


In the event of undue consumption of the previous NORDVILLAS, you may claim a penalty of up to 100 Euros from the client.


XV.- Electric vehicles.


Nordvillas accommodations are not prepared for charging electric vehicles, so if the guest has rented a vehicle of this type and wishes to charge it at the accommodation, he/she must inform us well in advance and, of course, obtain the permission of the owner of the accommodation. If it is permitted to charge the vehicle, the cost will be 6 € for each day of stay in the accommodation, or for each day of rental of the vehicle, if this period is less than the length of the stay and the guest provides confirmation or proof of the vehicle rental reservation.


Otherwise, if it is detected that a guest is or has been charging an electric vehicle in an accommodation without having previously obtained permission to do so, he/she will be penalised with €8.50 for each day of stay in the accommodation.


It should be noted that the guest will assume responsibility at all times, carrying out the charging of the vehicle at their own risk, exempting Nordvillas and the owner from any liability in this regard.


XVI.- Irregularities and deficiencies.


Irregularities and / or deficiencies that the client may find in the reserved accommodation must be communicated as soon as possible and always during the stay to NORDVILLAS, who will try to solve in the best way possible and within a reasonable period of time any anomaly or deficiency check as true.


Any claim made by the client after leaving the accommodation cannot be served because it lacks the most elementary criteria that could process the claim.


XVII.- Thefts and robberies.


Neither the owner nor NORVILLAS are responsible for any theft that may occur in the accommodation during the stay of the client and other occupants.


XVIII.- Internet


Internet connection via Wi-Fi is provided by an external provider. In the event of any problem or incident with the connection, the client may communicate it to NORDVILLAS, who will report it as soon as possible to the supplier company.


In any case, power cuts or failures in the connection during the stay will not be, in any way, a reason for complaint by the customer to NORDVILLAS or the owner.


XIX.- Cases of force majeure and other circumstances.


NORVILLAS will not be in any case responsible for any circumstance that occurred on the property and suffered during the stay of the client and other occupants that is not under its control or that is a consequence to a greater force, so it will not address claims made by the customer of indemnities or refunds that bring cause to circumstances of force majeure, such as wars, civil disorders, floods, fires, etc., as well as any other circumstances that are not attributable to NORDVILLAS, as well as could be, among others, the existence of works in the vicinity of the accommodation or in nearby buildings, the noise of bars and restaurants, etc.


The cases and circumstances described above are not dealt with in any "numerus clausus" (closed relationship), but will take place in any other cases and related circumstances.


XX.- Bank transfer and credit/debit card fees


The commissions generated as a result of making bank transfers, in which Nordvillas is both the beneficiary and/or the issuer, as well as those generated by credit/debit card operations, will always be paid by the customer.


Nordvillas will claim the amount relating to bank or card fees from the customer, and also reserves the right to deduct the bank or card fee from the payments already received from the customer as a result of refunds due to cancellation or other concepts.


In conclusion, Nordvillas will be exonerated from the payment of any kind of commission and/or bank expenses generated in operations by means of bank transfers, as well as by means of credit/debit cards.


XXI.- Applicable law and jurisdiction.


These particular conditions, as well as the contractual relationship between the client and NORDVILLAS, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation.


Likewise, they will be exclusively competent for the knowledge of any controversy or claim related to these particular conditions, as well as to the contractual relationship between the client and NORDVILLAS, the Balearic Courts that are objectively competent.